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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Odds and Ends

This week may be a bye week for the Buffs as they prepare for the regular season finale but there has been no shortage of news. Just Google Colorado Buffaloes News and you will find many news worthy items.

First CU has lost sophomore linebacker Nate Vaiomounga. He was dismissed from the football team on Tuesday following his arrest Monday on suspicion of a purse snatching incident last week on campus. Campus Police said a woman reported her purse stolen from Farrand Field early Nov. 14th. Video surveillance shows Vaiomounga identified. Nate has been a magnet for trouble while one the team. He was ticketed last winter for underage possession, and criminal mischief. Both times Nate failed to appear for one count and failed to comply with the other court ruling. This caused Nate to be jailed due to the warrants.

Coach Hawkins and AD Mike Bohn dismissed him from the team. Both state no tolerance for poor decision making. Nate had been warned about his actions prior to the dismissal.

OSU game
The sports world is a buzz about last Saturday's game. During OSU's first touchdown drive, presumably a CU fan flashed a green laser pointer in the eyes of Okie State QB Zac Robinson's eyes forcing him to call a time out. The following play Zac throws a touchdown pass to extend the lead over CU. Replays on local news and Sports Center confirm the reports. Google Zac Robinson CU Laser pointer for video. The video is available on YouTube for viewing as well as ESPN. If you have a Blackberry you can watch in from your phone.

Darrell Scott Rumors
There has been a buzz lastly about prized running back Darrell Scott transferring. If you Google search his name and transfer you will find hits from his transfer in high school and the latest news at CU. Scott told the Boulder Daily Camera reports that he plans on playing against the hated Cornhuskers. He also plans on playing against them next year as well. He claims all the transfer talk is just rumors and there is no truth to them. He says he is a Buff and will ignore the criticism. Scott calls this difficult season a learning experience.

My assessment on the team
This season has been very hard to watch. Living in Nebraska it costs much more for me to travel to each home game. While I enjoy going to these games I find it hard to justify spending the money on this team watching them seem to get worse each week.

I will state I understand this team is young and very injured. I get that and totally understand and know that is a fact. HOWEVER this team has major issues that do not stem from youth or health. The largest point total for the year came from the first game of the season against CSU.
This team has averaged 19 points a game all season and only 14 points in Big XII action. I know it is hard to do all you want to do on offense when you have youth, inexperience, and injuries at skill positions and on the line. But the coaches are not helping matters.

This off season the coaches need to make some halftime adjustments in the Hawkins era. There must be some coaching changes if Hawk expects to survive. This is the Big XII it isn’t intramurals. You must put a winning product on the field to sell and make it in this conference. I think Hawk has done a good job recruiting players and talent to this point but I feel his coaching staff is still coaching like they are coaching against the WAC teams.

My opinion is we need a change at the offensive coordinator and special teams jobs. Both offense and special teams have been inept. The offense is predictable and unable to score or move the ball. This coach seems stubborn and unwilling to make changes in game plans to give the buffs a chance. Proof? We have seen the same production or a decline all season in points scored and production. The running backs we have don’t have much room to run the ball. The quarter backs have to run for their lives before they can get set for a pass. Against Okie State in the 4th quarter the buffs were down and needed to drive down the field. Well every play was a play action pass when everyone in the stadium knew the Buffs were going to pass the ball. The running game has trouble running out of the shot gun which is what this staff seems to think is great. We don’t have the personnel at the moment to make this work so get back to basics or find new jobs.

My prediction for the annual day after thanksgiving matchup is the Buffs will be blown out of Lincoln. No chance unless there are some husker injuries.

Buffs except to be home for the holidays watch the bowl games from your living room.

Maybe next year (sounds like the cubs)

Go Buffs. I still will support you but that doesn’t mean I will not interject my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Big Nic....I too grew in the 'Ha, and LOVE the for a better year. we are young and rebound to a fantastic next year!

Go Buffs!

Big Nic said...

Thanks I do feel we will will be better next year. I just hope they can get better and maybe pull out a crazy win this week.

GO BUFFS! Thanks for reading. Keep Reading!

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