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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Day Before Thanksgiving.

Welcome everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

With a few days before this years annual Nebraska Colorado Rivalry game on the day after Thanksgiving I have a few thoughts and comments i would like to put out there for you guys.

First off I will offer up my prediction for the game. This year is not the year of the Buffalo. I love my buffs and bleed black and gold but man, i just don't see them pulling this game off. I think the guys give their all but just cant close the season off on a good note. I feel there are just too many injuries and the offense is just not producing enough to stay in this game. I think the kicking game may turn around for this game and i think the D keeps us in the game for the first half but with the D playing the majority of the game they will just get too tired and worn out.

I would like NOTHING MORE then to beat the skers but ugh i just don't see it this year. My magic 8 ball says yes so i guess they have that going for them. If they win it will be a miracle. One i would cherish. To quote coach Dan Hawkins "the worst days as a buff are still better the then the best days as a husker"it would make our season to beat kNebraska.

In the past it has been the Buffs doing the smack talk and pregame fodder. Just checkout some of the past match ups on google. This year there have been multiple comments from the Huskers about how they would like nothing more then to prevent the Buffs from going to a bowl game like the Buffs did to them last year. There was also talk about how when someone thinks about the Big XII they think about Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Really? Nebraska thinks they are in the same league as Texas or Oklahoma? Boy these players have a short memory. They must of forgotten how badly they got beat in Norman this year. In the first 5 minutes of the game OU was up 35-0. Yep Nu i is sure competing with OU. And it has been said many times how NU would rather have the OU NU game as the rival game instead of the Buffs. Um looks like you guys cant handle ANY of what OU has to offer.

Here's to hoping for the miracle. HOWEVER I was just reminded of 2001. There were the same hopes for that game and I felt the same way thinking we would be losing but then the Buffs rolled to a 62-36 win and a BCS game after beating #1 ranked NU. Then beating Texas in the title game. Totally didn't see that coming.



TxHusker said...

I have to agree with you ---I think the Huskers win this one. After that first 5 minutes in Oklahoma where everything that could go wrong did, they played Oklahoma score for score the rest of the game. They also played Tech to a tie in Lubbock and only lost in OT. I think they are better than you think they are and only improving just about each week. After last year, this is a a HUGE improvement and it looks like we hired the right coach. He has done a lot with guys he didn't recruit and things are looking up for us. Be sure you catch us on TV for our bowl appearance this year. GO BIG RED!

Anonymous said...

Tech is a one trick pony. Stoops let up the horses in Norman. My husband was about to have a nosebleed because of it. Nebraska was no more in this game against the Sooners than they were in the B12 cg a few years ago. At no point in either game was the outcome in question.

After seeing the Buffs come together for the OSU game (where we should have been stabbed, marinated, and roasted) I would not be so quick to write this one off. Hypolite certainly is not going to. Hope you enjoy meeting his acquaintance, makeup Husker boy!

Anonymous said...


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